Genetically Modified Corn Linked with Liver, Kidney Toxicity in Animals

April 10, 2007

After only 90 days of consuming a GM corn which has been engineered to create its own pesticide, rats showed signs of hormonal changes and liver and kidney toxicity.

The corn has been approved for human consumption.

The FDA does not require GM foods to be labeled.

Several organizations are fighting for the labeling of all GM foods including The Campaign and The Center for Science in the Public Interest.

News Target has the full article.


3 Responses to “Genetically Modified Corn Linked with Liver, Kidney Toxicity in Animals”

  1. Marianne Says:

    Good article. Thanks.
    Genertically Modified foods have been in our food supply for many years now, predominately corn and soy. Corn products, corn syurp, etc and soy products of all kinds are in so much of our food it is genuinely difficult to dodge them. Then we have the imported foods, much of which is not label but is incorporated within many products (re: the pet food scare, just what are we feeding our kids and ourselves?), and now the FDA wants to NOT label foods that are made from cloned animals, etc. Of course, keep us in the dark so we keep right on eating and paying outrageous prices for all that wonderfully nutritious food. And Congress, of course, to buy all those middle America votes, will just keep on subsidizing thousands of American farmers NOT to grow food, to leave their farmlands unused. When will we all wake up and do something? I have my doubts, look at the current political situation–and all we mainly do is sit on our more than generous butts, don’t we?
    I do think that all of us bloggers out there bringing such crucial info to our readers is a ray of hope!


  2. Thanks Marianne. Yes, there are many many issues not in our hands.. I’m very happy to see people trying to find them out; I believe that is the first step to change.

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