The Government Wants in on the Drug Business

April 26, 2007

A bill to create a government run pharmaceutial company has passed the Senate subcommittee and is headed for vote.

Instead of merely regulating drug companies, the Revitalization Act (S1082) would allow the government to gain direct profits from selling drugs under the label of a non-profit agency.

The new company, the Reagan-Udall Foundation for the Food and Drug Adminstration, would be operated by FDA officials and put them in direct contact with the private industries that control drugs, foods, and cosmetics.

The bill is being attached to a renewal of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) which already “allows Big Pharma to pay the FDA fees to speed the approval of its drugs. The new…bill will increase these FDA bribes to 380 million dollars in 2008, well over 50% of the FDA budget for new drug approvals.”

Read the page from News Target which reprints the full article by Byron Richards: Perverse Expansion of FDA Powers Will Target Dietary Supplements.


2 Responses to “The Government Wants in on the Drug Business”

  1. RON BUTLER Says:

    Nutritional supplements, vitamins and herbs DO NOT need to to be brought under the jurisdiction of the FDA, pharmaceutical companies or any other government controlled agency. All natural supplements should have no connection to pharmaceutical (drug) manufacturers. They and the FDA are only after the almighty dollar.

  2. It’s true; they are after OUR dollars that we have increasingly been spending on imported health goods, such as vitamins and herbs.
    I have personally improved my own health and wellbeing with the use of these items more than a doctor or prescription has helped me.
    I believe the government would prefer to be in charge of anything and everything we can put into our bodies, not for the best interest of the people, but instead to reroute these monies away from private business to fund the government’s more unsupported agendas — manufacturing unnecessary pharmaceuticals and funding wars, consequently sacrificing the nation’s health by reducing accessibility to nutritional supplements.

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