Aspartame: The Calorie Free Carcinogen

May 3, 2007

The latest research against aspartame comes from a team of scientists in Hungary that found the chemical food additive can alter rat DNA in as short as one week at various doses, including the recommended maximum for daily consumption. Read the study’s abstract on PubMed.

Several studies have confirmed the dangers of aspartame. Author/Columnist David Lawrence Dewey includes many on his website including a long term study conducted by Cancer Research Center of the European Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences in Italy that confirmed aspartame’s carcinogenicity in 2005 when it demonstrated “that aspartame, when administered to rats for the entire life span, induces an increase of lymphomas and leukemias in female rats.”

Aspartame was first approved in 1974 but withdrawn in 1975 due to studies confirming its toxicity. It was approved again in 1981 during the Reagan administration, a highly questionable decision believed by some to be the result of the CEO of Searle (aspartame’s manufacturer) Donald Rumsfeld’s position on the Reagan transition team. The day after Reagan took office, he appointed a new FDA Commissioner, Arthur Hull Hayes, who not only approved aspartame for consumption but eventually went to work for Searle’s PR firm.

Neuroscience researcher Dr. John Olney, who is credited for removing monosodium glutamate from baby foods, found that aspartame causes holes in the brains of infant mice. He and his co-authors also compiled data and “found an overall 65% increase in brain tumors in humans since aspartame approval.”

The data against aspartame is overwhelming.
Read aspartame’s history.

Check your labels; there are over 6,000 products that contain aspartame.


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