Senators Vote to Maintain U.S. Pharmaceutical Monopoly

May 16, 2007

49 U.S. Senators voted against S.1082, an amendment which would have allowed consumers to purchase their medicines from other countries with approved safety records such as Japan, Canada, and the U.K., saving Americans “tens of millions of dollars,” according to Mike Adams at NewsTarget.

Americans currently pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. Canadians, Europeans, and even citizens of Mexico pay only about one-half to as little as one-tenth the price paid by Americans for the very same chemicals.

Why would the Senators be opposed to saving Americans millions?

NewsTarget reveals that most of the Senators who voted against the amendment have accepted money from U.S. drug companies including:

Richard Burr, R-N.C.

John Kerry, D-Mass.

Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.

Arlen Specter, R-Pa.

Orrin Hatch, R-Utah

Max Baucus, D-Mont.

Tom Carper, D-Del.

Mike Enzi, R-Wyo.

See the complete list of Senators working for the best interests of U.S. drug companies at NewsTarget.


2 Responses to “Senators Vote to Maintain U.S. Pharmaceutical Monopoly”

  1. mark Says:

    man.. so depressing.

  2. Cqdqbgkj Says:

    eP3tVy comment2 ,

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