Not So Sweet: Splenda Slogans Banned in France

May 22, 2007

Merisant, a competing sweetener in France, won its case against Splenda which decided Splenda’s advertising is false. The ads, also used in the United States, say that because Splenda is made from sugar, it tastes like sugar.

From Paul Block, chief executive officer of Merisant:
“We’re pleased the Court held McNeil accountable for Splenda advertising that we believe has intentionally fooled a significant number of consumers into thinking Splenda contains sugar and no calories, and that it is a natural product; both are completely false… Splenda is a synthetic compound – created in a lab and manufactured in a chemical plant – and is no more natural than any other low-calorie sweetener.”

Splenda has 30 days to amend its packaging in France.

Splenda will face similar charges in a U.S. trial this November brought by the Sugar Association.


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