Walgreens Pulls Dangerous Air Fresheners

September 21, 2007

The National Resources Defense Council released a detailed analysis confirming the dangers of phthalates, which can affect hormones and reproductive development, with a particular risk to babies and children. Several household and personal items contain the ingredient. In response to the news, Walgreens announced that it will pull air fresheners containing the containment off the shelves, including its own brand. They will soon have more phthalate-free options available.

Statement from Dr. Gina Solomon, NRDC scientist, regarding Walgreens’ Decision:

“Pulling these air fresheners from their shelves is a conscious choice on the part of Walgreens to put their customers first and take the lead on product safety. This is a wonderful example of corporate responsibility and also shows how companies and health groups can work together to find solutions.”

“Hopefully other companies will follow Walgreens’ lead. And we also hope that the federal government will step up and protect citizens further by taking closer look at the risks of phthalates and requiring companies to test for these chemicals and properly label their products.”

So far, only Walgreens as pulled these dangerous products. Phthalates are found in most air fresheners currently on the market.

Read the full report.


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