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Coffee Lowers Disease Rates

August 22, 2007

Since a teenager in England overdosed on espressos, coffee consumption has been scrutinized. But there have been a few underpressed revelations as well. When consumed moderately and regularly by adults, coffee and caffeine can have some great benefits.

Peter R. Martin, a professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at Vanderbilt University said, “Predominantly in epidemiologic studies, there have been associations between coffee consumption and lowered rates of certain illnesses, like suicide, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Type II diabetes, colon cancer and heart disease.”

That’s great news since apparently 80% of Americans drink coffee and over 50% are keeping fueled every single day! The antioxidants can possibly lessen the debilitating effects of the American diet, though most people still need a lot more help.

Coffee has been proven especially good for older women (more so than older men). A new study presented in the August issue of Neurology found “that women age 65 who drank three or more cups of coffee or tea a day were about one-third less likely to have a significant decline in verbal skills than those who drank a cup or less.”

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