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Bee Killing Pesticide Banned in 2 Countries, Still US Approved

September 12, 2008

For over 2 years, the science community and the general public have been baffled at the disappearance of honeybees. Several theories have been pondered; Insects suspects 10. Maybe they are all true, but one has been nailed down.

Germany and France have both been compelled to ban the pesticide clothianidin (commonly called Poncho). It is used deliberately to deter and kill insects that would interfere with food production, but it is now so strongly associated with the Colony Collapse Disorder, France and Germany have banned its use. Just as poisons are not programmed to act against specific lifeforms, but instead work on most (arsenic, anyone?), pesticides kill. Although used for specific purposes, their effects are far reaching.

Even though the Environmental Protection Agency has acknowledged that this pesticide is harmful to bees, it has not banned the pesticide. It also has not released results of studies it supposedly required the manufacturer of the chemical to submit when it approved the chemical for use by Bayer (yes, the makers of Aspirin) in the US in 2003. And for this violation of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is suing.

In a time when humans are supposedly experiencing a major food shortage (although it is more currently a food distribution problem), how are we to react when a government agency made to protect us is seemingly more interested in protecting a corporation’s profits?

In Germany, not only has the pesticide been banned, but an organization called Coalition Against Bayer Dangers actually gets to sue Bayer for marketing the dangerous pesticide. Looks like our EPA might not only get sued for not disclosing its information on the pesticide, but could also get sued for approving it.

Let’s hope this all leads to bringing some bees back. But pesticides have a history of sticking around long after their use..


Walgreens Pulls Dangerous Air Fresheners

September 21, 2007

The National Resources Defense Council released a detailed analysis confirming the dangers of phthalates, which can affect hormones and reproductive development, with a particular risk to babies and children. Several household and personal items contain the ingredient. In response to the news, Walgreens announced that it will pull air fresheners containing the containment off the shelves, including its own brand. They will soon have more phthalate-free options available.

Statement from Dr. Gina Solomon, NRDC scientist, regarding Walgreens’ Decision:

“Pulling these air fresheners from their shelves is a conscious choice on the part of Walgreens to put their customers first and take the lead on product safety. This is a wonderful example of corporate responsibility and also shows how companies and health groups can work together to find solutions.”

“Hopefully other companies will follow Walgreens’ lead. And we also hope that the federal government will step up and protect citizens further by taking closer look at the risks of phthalates and requiring companies to test for these chemicals and properly label their products.”

So far, only Walgreens as pulled these dangerous products. Phthalates are found in most air fresheners currently on the market.

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